No, Dimwits, We Don’t Like Your Stupid Policy!

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was drowned out by New Yorkers furious at the migrant crisis that has erupted in the city

At least the, um, “journalists” weren’t booing.

The writing on the walls says illegal immigration is going to cut off the Democrat Party at the knees. I mean, how often do New Yorkers boo and hiss the Democrat politicians they keep electing? Folks, you voted for these jidrools.

Last week they held a press conference at the Roosevelt Hotel–New York City’s “main intake” for so-called “asylum seekers.” Representatives Jerrold Nadler and Alexandria Octavio-Cortez were booed and shouted down as they tried to gaslight New Yorkers into thinking that wiping out our country’s borders is a good thing.

Who, actually, is in favor of a) letting anyone come here who wants to come here, no questions asked, b) doling out money and social services to border-jumpers… which doesn’t exactly discourage imitators, and c) flooding the country with cheap labor–if the new arrivals bother to labor at all–to drive down wages for American workers?

The Democrat Party thinks you’re in favor of all that.

Besides which–what with mail-in ballots, drop boxes, tricky voting machines, and truckloads of Democrat votes brought in hours after the polls close… what have they got to be worried about? Let the plebs boo and hiss: “If we can put Joe Biden in the White House, we can put anybody in the White House!”

2 comments on “No, Dimwits, We Don’t Like Your Stupid Policy!

  1. That is scary to contemplate. Cheaters never prosper – in the long run. I pray the Dems run on corruption at the ballot box is coming to an end as Trump wins in such a landslide they can’t overtake him.

  2. Trump won in a landslide last time. They couldn’t overtake him last time. He will again this time…but we all know what happened. Will it be any different this time? What has changed to make this time different?

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