Britain’s Fire Sale: ‘Everything Must Go!’

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Once upon a time, “7,000 years before white people came,” Britain was inhabited exclusively by black people, like Africans, who built Stonehenge and did everything else, etc. So says a new children’s book, Brilliant Black British History (,%2C%20Wales%2C%20and%20Ireland.%E2%80%9D).

England, Scotland, Wales–all black.

Somehow not a single Roman historian ever noticed that. “The very first Britons were black.” By Julius Caesar’s time, though, they were white. How did that happen?

Probably Donald Trump’s fault.

What is this? I confess I don’t know. Life is way too short for me to read this book. Why subject myself to it? Looks to me like Britain is feverishly pursuing self-destruction. Maybe they’ll make it against the law to speak against this theory,

Will the Mother Country make it to the year 2100? Britain is dying the death of a thousand cuts.Can it possibly last another 80 years?

I wouldn’t bet on it.

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  1. Well, Britain has done so many things, some good some horrible. I have ancient ancestors, but when I think of Britain, I usually think of the Revolutionary War. Doesn’t make me love
    them much.

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