Down with Free Speech? Really?

New Zealand's extinct moa irreplaceable, research reveals ...

Moas are not the only things now extinct in New Zealand. Anybody seen common sense or basic sanity lately?

She may not be the prime minister of New Zealand anymore, but Jacinda Ardean has landed a cushy berth at Harvard, with opportunities to address the United Nations.

Which she did a few days ago, calling on the UN to limit or choke off free speech ( “We cannot allow free speech to get in the way of fighting Climate Change,” she said.

I remember a time when no one but a kook would dare say he was against free speech. Even the most slobbering Democrat at least gave lip service to our most basic and least dispensable liberty.

But now they just don’t bother. Tyranny is cool. Look how great it works for China–that government has really got the power, baby!

And the beauty of it is, no government, once it’s made up its mind to curtail the people’s liberties, will ever run out of excuses to do it! If it’s not Climbit Chainge, it’s “Online Safety.”

Is New Zealand still part of what they used to call “the free world”?

Why is everybody laughing?

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