‘Today’s Worst Idea’ (2019)

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How’s this for an idea? Implant computer chips into soldiers’ brains that will enable them to control weapons systems with their minds.

Today’s Worst Idea

Can you believe the **** that comes pouring out of our leading thinkers’ skulls every day? “Hey! Let’s unchain the id! And give it power to do anything it wants!” How can that be a bad idea?

Brother, we are living in the golden age of bad ideas.

3 comments on “‘Today’s Worst Idea’ (2019)

  1. The whole thing is absurd. You can’t wire a computer into a brain. Indeed, through PET scans, that can see areas which “light up” in response to certain stimuli, and you could surmise that an implant in a certain area could be used to send a signal to some external computer controlled device, but even if they could pull that off, the results would be unpredictable.

    Actually, we don’t need the electrodes. Instead, you allow someone to consciously decide what to do, and to act upon that decision, using their ability to control the movements of their body. I’m actually doing that right now, as I type this response. The last thing I would want to see would be a weapon system that went from initial reaction to firing a weapon without forming a conscious response.

    I suspect that most of these stories are more about generating publicity, then anything else.

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