And Now It’s Cold, Too!

When Earth was a Snowball | CNRS News

See? Totally covered by ice! Would MIT ever lie to you?

It’s September 30 and it’s raining again, and if I want to go out, I have to wear my winter coat–and I can see my breath. In September.

It’s all because of Climbit Change! But you knew that already, didn’t you? Yowsah, yowsah–it’s that warming that makes it so cold!

It’s scientific!

MIT warns us that “Snowball Earth”–universal glaciation–can come on in a hurry (,complex%2C%20multicellular%20life%20on%20Earth.)–especially with us plebs doing stuff, like cooking food on gas stoves, that will suddenly bring the world to an end, blah-blah.

It’s scientific! They’ve got computer models for it! If you don’t believe computer models, you’re Anti-Science! (That’s like being Antichrist, only reel!) Dept. of Justice gonna get you if you don’t watch out! We can’t allow all that misinformation to float around.

Science Says: All power to the State! The State guided by Science. Can you gimme hallelujah?

4 comments on “And Now It’s Cold, Too!

  1. Yeah, yeah, never been like this before. If you are 90 years old like I am, you can remember a lot of weird weather. Weird, they say, but it seemed normal to us and we just rolled on through it.

  2. They need to post headlines from the 1970’s when they were trying to scare us with another ice age coming. The trouble with the Global Warming hoax is it is based on oceans rising and flooding the whole earth and we all die. Wait, didn’t God already do that? And God put a rainbow in the sky to remind mankind He will never flood the whole earth again. So, who are you going to believe, scientific modals or God the Creator and Sustainer of all things?

  3. I saw the science documentary, the movie “The Day After Tomorrow.” Of course, global warming will cause global freezing. It can happen within a matter of a few days.

    I read the link. I didn’t know MIT was now writing science fiction. I meant fiction, for there was no science within that silly article.

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