‘Holy Cow! We Don’t Trust the Nooze Media?’ (2020)

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They’re breaking it, all right–in more ways than one.

Here’s a poll from three years ago that says 60% of the people don’t trust the nooze media to tell the truth.

Holy Cow! We Don’t Trust the Nooze Media???

Sixty percent! What would happen to a car company if it had those numbers? And yet the noozies are still out there every day, every night, carrying water for the Democrat Party and lying to us for all they’re worth.

Y’know, when I was a boy, “news reporter” was a respected, even admired, profession. I don’t know that they can ever repair their reputation. I think they would rather be in bed with the power brokers than trusted by a public they despise.

2 comments on “‘Holy Cow! We Don’t Trust the Nooze Media?’ (2020)

  1. Cable news channels are dying out. Podcasts and independent news sources like Epoch news are taking their place. And with AI networks for all persuasions of thought and belief being developed, who needs search engines.

    1. I’d just as soon we weren’t playing around with “Artificial Intelligence”… which I can’t distinguish from Artificial Stupidity.

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