Hillery She Does It!!!

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton participates in a campaign rally, November 1, 2016 in Dade City, FL.

Hillery she “is” The gratist!!!!

Weigh to go Hillery!!! Oman, she hased Hit “the” bollseye!!!!

She was “on” TV and she sayed,, And I kwote= “Thare kneads To-be a fourmel Dee-progamping “of” the Kult Membres”!”!”

Waht Kult is that?? MAGMa! Thatss waht!!! Awl them Racist Biggit doaps whoo “sapport” Darnold trumpt!!!!!!! The fedrule Guvvermint shood aughht To rownd “themb” up And dee-pogrom themb!!!! Becose “it is” agginst The Law to has Exstreamist Idears “and” thawts!!!!!!!!!

And aslo I been whaching “this” heer Viddio abuot Nanderthawl cavemen and “It” looks like MAGMA got themb tooo!!!!!!

Hillery she KNOWS awl theeze Racist Crazy Nuts thay taik thare odors dywreckly fromb Darnold Trumpt and thay “are Try-ing” to deestroy Our Dummocratsy!!!!! Thare branes thay shood Bee taikin Out “and” warshed!!! Oah she wood has maid A Grate Pressadint, eevin as Grate “as” Pressadint Obommer!!!Jobydin he shood Retyre and she whil taik “his Plaice” and lock Up awl thoze MAGmA peple!!!!!!

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    1. Why do people adhere to the words of politicians so readily? I don’t put that much store in the word of politicians, even if I agree with them. Our hope is in God, not men.

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