Why We Don’t Do Nooze on Sunday

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If you’re new to this blog–and I’ve just got to hope that some of you are–you might wonder why I’m not posting any nooze today.

To put it simply, it’s a sanity break. By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I am noozed out. I know: some of you aren’t. But as for me, if it gets to the point where I know the names of the politicians’ lawyers, I’ve had more than enough. There has to be more to life than this.

Oh, if I were to stumble over some startling piece of good news, sure, I’d report that. I wish it would happen more often.

As for the bad news… Either your head’s gotta give or the brick wall’s gotta give. Elisha, show me God’s army!

But in the meantime–

How about a hymn request or two? Or a Bible study topic? Later we’ll have Oy, Rodney, because a wholesome laugh is the gift of God. (Yes, we are doing God’s work if we can make each other merry!)

Oh, look at this–the sun came out! I think I’ll take an hour off to enjoy it.

[P.S.–According to my Official Step Counter, I’m still in bed. *Sigh* That doesn’t work, either.]

6 comments on “Why We Don’t Do Nooze on Sunday

  1. The news is frustrating. I’ve been trying to keep track of events in the Middle East, but much of the news is lacking in meaningful content, although there is no shortage of words.

  2. Fifty years ago, there came to our church an evangelist, whose specialty was preaching about nooze. The evil events, the perversions people were parading and displaying in “pride parades” events etc., attempting to wake people up, showing us how near the end we were.

    Anyway, I bought a bunch of his cassette tapes. And began to listen to them, day after day for a week. After a week of listening to hours and hours of his preaching, I became very depressed, felt like giving up, there was nothing we could do, for the evil in this world was growing day by day, getting ever more powerful by the hour. It had to, we were so near the end, it was all written down, nothing we did could change that, any day it could all end. Of course, all those who teach that, then, and now, have always been wrong 100% of the time.

    I threw those tapes away. I read in my Bible, that Christ will have victory in time, on this earth, one day. And no, the devil will never drive God’s Church off the earth in a rapture!

    So brother, a bit of nooze each week goes a long way, once in a while we need to know those kinds of things, we need to be informed. I suggest, don’t stop, but back off, with the nooze. I think we talked about this before, and I think most still wanted that much nooze. You asked for a Bible study topic; well, how about a heroes of faith studies? Maybe George Whitefield, Florence Nightingale, Mary Slessor, D.L. Moody, John G. Paton, Fanny Crosby, Booker T. Washington or a thousand others which would be edifying.

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