‘When Elisha Saw God’s Army’ (2018)

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Here’s something I wish I could see–God’s army: chariots of fire, hosts of angels. Elisha found it necessary for this servant to see it; God granted his prayer (2 Kings 16: 17-18).

When Elisha Saw God’s Army

It’s so easy to lose heart! There’s so much bad nooze out there, I’ve had to call a moratorium on it, for Sundays.

Oh, to see God’s army! But it is not given to our eyes to see it. We have to believe God’s Word.

For God is not a man, that He should lie.

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  1. Revelation chapter 5 says there ate ten thousand times ten thousand of angels and thousands and thousands more in heaven. Hebrews 1 says angels are minister spirits to help those who inherit salvation – wow! bring on the angels.

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