Here’s Why They Hate Trump

Lifeblood book by Lee Duigon

I know I didn’t have a crystal ball when I wrote this in 1986… but now it seems I did.

Every villain on this earth is against Donald Trump–so he must be good. I’m finally convinced of that.

What a speech he gave in Michigan the other night! In which he pledged himself to “defend the working class from the corrupt political class that has spent decades sucking the life, wealth, and blood out of this country” ( You tell ’em, Mr. President!

This is why the establishment will break every rule in the book if that’s what it takes to put this man down. Hey, no one comes home broke from Capitol Hill! Right? That’s something worth protecting, eh?

Like Trump himself has said, they’re coming after you–“I’m just in the way.”

(There, I’ve got those political passions off my chest. Now I can go outside and work on my book.)

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  1. Trump serves for free when President, giving his presidential salary to veteran concerns. He lost huge amount of personal wealth as President, and how would you like to pay his current attorney fees.

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