Prison Time… for ‘Wrong’ Pronouns

King John puts his seal on Magna Carta | June 15, 1215 | HISTORY

King John signed the Magna Carta. Today they’re erasing it.

The nation that gave us the Magna Carta now offers two years in prison for using the “wrong” pronoun (

Over in Not-so-merrie England, the Conservative Party has made a hash of governing the place–we might go so far as to describe the country as irreparably damaged by insane and feckless immigration policies–and is expected to be shot down in flames in the next election. Serves ’em right for not conserving anything.

But the Labour Party expects to sweep into office next year, and they’re already talking priorities.

Pretty near the top of the list is to make “misgendering”–using pronouns other than those demanded by seriously perverted or deluded people–an “aggravated offense” punishable by up to two years in prison.

Kiss your freedom goodbye, Britain. You’re not going to make it to 2100. Not at the rate you’re going.

The Labour Party says you’ll use the pronouns that you’re told to use, no matter how blatantly erroneous–or else! No tyranny is too petty for these creeps.

They might have to let some armed robbers and murderers back out onto the street to make room in prison for those who forget to refer to a man as “she.”

And what a time to be a police officer! Who wants to risk a showdown with gangsters when he can arrest an 85-year-old widow for using wrong pronouns? Labour, Herod’s Men are gonna love you for it!

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  1. “King John signed the Magna Carta. Today they’re erasing it.” What a great line! It is hard to believe that England’s empire once reached around the world. What wimps they have now become.

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