Can You Say ‘Top-Heavy’?

Administrative Bloat Harms Teaching and Learning — The James G. Martin  Center for Academic Renewal

Let’s hire more administrators! It’s diversity!

Our colleges and university–my stars, what a sham!

Here’s Harvard now with more “administrators” than students–1,352 administrators per every 1,000 students (

Gee, all those professors–not so fast! Who said anything about professors? No, kimosabe–the growth in the number of “administrators” is “almost entirely for non-teaching positions.” So mostly we’re talking about full-time “diversity, equity, and inclusions” specialists–aka Nothing–and other hangers-on who will retire on pensions you haven’t got a prayer getting for yourselves.

What do you pay to subject your son or daughter to a Harvard (LOL) “education”? Oh, about $80,000 a year, once the dust settles. Anything special might bump it up to 100 G’s.

I think we can already see why it costs so freakin’ much.

Don’t we look like suckers!

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