‘What Does Modern Baal Worship Look Like?’

The Return Of The Baal Worship: Its Already Started But People Don't See it  - YouTube

The short answer: It looks a lot like the Baal worship described and condemned in the Old Testament. And that should worry us a lot more than it does.

Mark Rushdoony and Andrea Schwartz discuss this at some length (https://chalcedon.edu/resources/audio/what-does-modern-baal-worship-look-like-ep-257-guest-mark-rushdoony). Okay, it’s 51 minutes. But the message is important, and you can always listen to it in increments.

The Jews in the time of Jeremiah (they never listened to him!) had no idea how close they were to incurring God’s wrath… although various prophets had given, and continued to give, fair warning. They thought Jerusalem would never fall.

The didn’t abandon God, Mark explains. No: their sin lay in “demoting Jehovah to one of many gods” (How inclusive!) and settling for the belief that “God’s going to protect us because we’re not all that bad–other people are worse.”

The question arises: “Why should God bless America?”

None of this is as simple as you might have thought. You might find the podcast highly enlightening.

2 comments on “‘What Does Modern Baal Worship Look Like?’

  1. This cuts to the heart of the issue. As people worship gods other than Jehovah, their lives will reflect the negative effects of false worship. Hopefully, as wickedness increases, more people will see that they need to give sole devotion to their Creator.

  2. God will have to judge America before He can bless it. Psalm 7:11 “God is angry with the wicked every day.” We need to get the wickedness out of the church (revival, repentance, reformation, great awakening for at least two generations) where judgment falls first, then the blessings will flow.

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