Now You Can’t Say… ‘Picnic’?

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Even our law schools are crap anymore.

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas law school has apologized for using the word “picnic” (! Nope, you can’t say “picnic” anymore. You have to say “lunch by the lake.”

Why can’t you say picnic?

Oh, you shouldn’t need to be told! For “diversity and inclusion concerns,” of course!

God help us, these students, transformed into full-fledged idiots, will someday be judges and prosecutors.

Why do we keep funding “higher education”? Why do we keep sending our daughters and sons to what can only be described as centers for applied stupidity? What’s wrong with us? You’d think we’d stop.

I cannot explain why we don’t stop. God only knows how far this can go. Wouldn’t it be cool if Far Left Crazy made life itself impossible?

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  1. These objectors to the word must be Francophobes, since the word is an anglicization of the French word “pique-nique.” Also, the OED lists its first English use as 1748 in England, where there was no slavery and certainly no lynching of blacks since there were barely any blacks in England to lynch.

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