OK, I Did It!

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(No wonder she’s so tired… Please tell us she didn’t lay those eggs.)

Well, I’ve done the interview with Delmer Eldred, he’s invited me back in January so I must’ve done all right–and now I’m really tired, I think I want a cigar.

You wouldn’t think being interviewed was hard work, but sometimes it is… especially when you’re really trying hard to reach the audience. And it’s been years since I’ve done this.

After he edits the tape, Mr. Eldred will send me a link to the show so I can post it here and you can all listen to it. It’ll be on both AM and FM radio out in Washington State. I wonder if my voice sounds any better than it did.

For the time being, I need some rest and then we’re going to visit our town’s Halloween decorations. And at least one more blog post after that.

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