Update: Trannies In, Trannies Out

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Would you believe it? ALL the available pictures showed women winning judo matches against men. I have seen thousands of judo matches, and never saw that! You have a better chance of seeing a jackalope.

Just three days after it hit the news that the North American Grappling Assn. was allowing men to compete as women in its jiu-jitsu tournaments (https://leeduigon.com/2023/10/30/erasing-women-from-judo/), the organization has done an about-face: no more “trans women,” aka men, will be allowed to compete against real women.

Maybe because it was so ridiculously unfair, many women dropped out of the tournaments; and so the absurd policy had to be dropped like a hot potato (https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2023/10/31/jiu-jitsu-association-changes-policy-after-female-grapplers-quit-over-having-face-trans-opponents/). Now those men will have to compete with other men.

(Holy cow–we’ve won another one! What’s goin’ on here?)

“Sports” in general are already stupid enough without this. But then transgender garbage is polluting everything–why should “sports” be immune?

8 comments on “Update: Trannies In, Trannies Out

  1. Can you imagine being so deluded that you might actually find satisfaction competing as a man, claiming to be a woman, against other real women. Seriously, how far can you even go with such discussion, before you realize it’s absurd? Lord, help us.

    1. That’s what gets me. If I were to win a contest of strength against someone that is significantly smaller in stature than I, that would be a hollow victory, indeed. What’s next, people declaring themselves a child and beating up little kids? I’d bet that the average adult could do pretty well at being the toughest kid on the playground, but shame on anyone who would actually do something like this.

  2. Until there are just two categories recognized by the NAGA, this is not total victory. Until they drop the possibility that men can compete in a woman’s category, this is not total victory. The NAGA must put a complete stop to that insanity and not be tainted by that absurdity.

    Until those people are rightly laughed at, mocked and scorned, until they hide their sin, this will not stop. Until we rightfully heap upon them scorn and condemnation, until we stop “respecting” evil, this will not stop.

    Let them compete if they want, but on their own dime. They could form their own association. They could give out their own gold, silver, and bronze metals. They could have their own tournaments.

    They also would need a suitable acronym for their association. One that comprises the whole gamut of Alphabet people such as homosexuals, trannies, LGBT, TNB and all others. “The DDDD Association Inc,” (Delusional Disordered, Deceived & Dangerous). I pray this would catch on, and all would use it in any discussion dealing with the Alphabet lunatics.

    God does not coddle sinners or sin. Neither should we.

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