Good News! Homeschooling Surges

Florida parents say they want rights in schools. What does that mean?

Looks like the plebs are not complying anymore!

Homeschooling has become the fastest-growing form of education in America, according to a study by the Washington Post, now widely reported ( We heard it discussed on the radio this morning.

Remember: they closed the public schools because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that was the impetus for many families to take up homeschooling. The Experts all predicted that most of these kids would be sent back to public school once the scare was over.

And they were wrong. The numbers didn’t slide back down. They kept increasing. They’re increasing as we speak.

Well, of course they are! Public schooling is a disaster–at best. Critical Race Theory. Gender change! Drag queens in the classroom. School libraries chock-full of porn. Need we say more? The surprising thing is that only two or three million families are now homeschooling. It should be more–but maybe we are getting there.

And let’s not forget the school boards calling in the FBI to “investigate” parents who don’t like their gender-bending, race-hustling policies.

If our civilization goes belly-up, it will have been our so-called education system that killed it.

But maybe we are finally waking up to that.

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  1. During our years of homeschooling, I watched attitudes change. When I would meet people and they found out we were homeschooling, at first the response was along the lines of “I could never do that!” By the time we were ending our homeschooling years, the response had changed to “I wish I could do that!” So many parents did not believe they could home school, either because they felt the couldn’t afford it, were not qualified to do it, or even felt that if they spent that much time around their own kids, they would end up hating each other.

    Then the lockdowns happened, and people who thought they couldn’t homeschool, discovered they could. People who thought they wouldn’t get along with their kids, fell in love with them even more. People who thought they were not qualified discovered just how bad of a job the schools were doing, and that they’d have to go out of their way to do a worse job. The only objection that still had some validity is that a lot of people can’t just work from home, and with the cost of living increasing, it’s hard to make ends meet. Yet I’m seeing creative solutions to that problem as well. I’m particularly struck by how many young families are turning their backs on the entire system, leaving the cities, becoming homesteaders, even going completely off grid, while homeschooling their kids, and finding imaginative ways to keep the remaining bills paid that simply didn’t exist when we started homeschooling. Twenty years ago, I knew a lot of homeschoolers who would wax poetic about how we all needed to get back to the land and live “sustainable” lives, but these were largely aging hippies who had no idea what the reality was like – a reality that was my childhood. This new breed of homesteaders/homeschoolers know it’s going to be hard work, with many sacrifices made, and they accept that.

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