Loudoun Students Protest School ‘Transgender’ Bathrooms

Loudoun County students protest gender bathroom policy

(Printed signs for all occasions!)

Damn, them plebs are getting uppity!

This week students at Loudoun, Virginia, public schools walked out to protest the school district’s “transgender bathroom” policy (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12705363/transgender-bathrooms-loudoun-county-public-schools-woodgrove-high.html).

In 2021 a girl was raped in a school bathroom by a–weasel word alert!–“male-born” student. And then… the Loudoun school board voted 7-2 to make all school bathrooms open to whoever might want to use them… including male-born bipeds who identify as girls.

Protesting students said the policy exposes female students to a “massive safety risk.” Ya think? I mean, the rape did happen–and all they did was transfer the male-born student to another school… where he did it again.

Somehow the Loudoun school district just can’t keep itself out of the headlines.

No one has offered any reason why boys should be allowed to use the girls’ bathrooms. Not even a silly reason–although I confess I haven’t looked too hard for one.

There is no law that says you have to consign your children to public schools administered by moral imbeciles. It must be just a bad habit.


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  1. The community of that school can organize and vote the School Board members out, but that takes work and dedication and money. At least the parents can home-school their children. President Trump has a new plan to make College free to everyone by paying for it with the money the federal government is already giving to private colleges. It will all be online with mentors and tutors available, plus onsite training for vo-tech jobs.

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