Hillery She ‘Is’ A Preffesser Nhow!!!!!


Doughnt mess whith Her!!!

I did not know this! Hillery, she is a Preffesser “at” Columbo Younavarsity!! Butt thats Not “awll!”!”

Wood yiu beleeve It??? She was “giving a” lexture, she Is “the” Smartist Wimmin in “the” whorld–and a hole buntch Of stoodints “thay” walkked Out “on” her!!!!

This heer “it Is” insterrecxion,, It is Treezin!!!!!! Themb stoodints thay shood Awl “be” “in” Jale!!! Like fourevver!!!!

Nhow Jobydin he Is dooing a phantatstic Jobb “as” pressadint butt he Cant doo It aloan!! It is tyme we changed The Consatusion back To waht “it Was” wen she Was Coe Pressadint!!!!! And Borat Obumma he shood “be” maid Pressadint of Pressadints!! Whith themb Three in charj,, our Couontry it whil fynelly Be Grate!!!!!!!

I cant Tell yiu waht her Lexture it “was awl” abuot,, it whent Way “oaver” my Hedd!!!!! Thats haow Smart Hillery she is!@!! Ordrinary peple thay Are jist “tooo” Dum to undder stand her!!!!

Our Stodent Soviet we Are draphting A Letter “to” Hillery aksing her To Be Coe Pressadint aggin!!!!!!!


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