De Luxe Boat Launch Fails

I’ve got to say it’s not that hard to launch a boat from a boat ramp; but some people certainly seem to find it so.

You don’t need an electric car bursting into flame for no reason, so have a disaster on the ramp. How many cars, pickup trucks, and RVs have wound up in Davy Jones’ locker? And once your boat is launched, and on the water, you’ll see that for some boaters, their troubles have only just begun.

These videos raise serious questions about the overall capability of human beings who can afford big boats.

4 comments on “De Luxe Boat Launch Fails

  1. Boat ramps are a bit too complex for many of today’s intellects.

    I’m not a sailor, by any stretch of the imagination, but from what I’ve read of the subject, it is something that takes many years to truly master the knowledge required to safely operate a large ship. Even small boats require skill to operate safely, but I suspect that a lot of owners of small craft know nothing about boating safety. These videos seem to prove the point.

    1. You should see the stuff that goes on, on Barnegat Bay.
      I’m no Leif Ericsson, but it only took me a couple of tries to learn how to launch my boat; and I never came close to getting it as wrong as some of the folks in these videos.

  2. We have a never married sister in our church who is in her 80’s. Last year she bought a brand-new SUV. This morning my wife and I and another checked out all the dents and scrapes on her car so far, plenty of them. Do you think maybe she should not be driving? My sister-in-law before she died had her car keys taken away. We told her she might get in a wreck, and she said that is what insurance is for.

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