Venezuelan Illegals: ‘Chicago Is Worse’ (?)

Not quite as nice as they expected

The Daily Mail reports that conditions in the Sanctuary City of Chicago are so bad, many illegal immigrants have decided to go back to Venezuela ( Some 20,000 of them have been shipped to Chicago… and nobody’s happy with the results.

Let me say up front that of course I understand why people flee Venezuela. I grew up in the Cold War: people from communist countries were always fleeing to America for refuge. I went to school with their children.

But wiping out the border, and letting anyone who wants to just waltz into the country, expecting free stuff, while Democrats try to find a way to use them for free votes–that’s different. That’s undermining America. Honk if you think The Party cares.

We need to know whom we’re letting in, keeping out persons with criminal records and ties to gangs, we need to know their state of health–and most of all, we need a policy that aims at assimilating the newcomers and encouraging them to do what immigrants always used to do: become Americans.

We most certainly do not need an uncontrolled invasion.

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  1. It gets mighty cold in Chicago in the winter, so Venezuelan memories become the magnet to draw illegals back home. I assume a lot of the illegals will go back home on their own when they feel they really don’t fit in. The biggest problem is the stupid ruling by the SC that if a woman has a child while in the USA, the child is automatically a citizen. Name me another country that does that – maybe one or two. And that brings up dual citizenship, but that is a subject for another time.

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