Looking for Some Excuse to Bi*ch

Wearing the Hokie Pride. | Fan wear, Soccer fans, Virginia tech

Sports fans and silly face paint–not exactly unusual!

A California middle school has suspended an 8th-grader from all school athletic events… because he showed up at a football game wearing face paint on his cheeks (https://nypost.com/2023/11/13/news/california-middle-schooler-banned-from-sports-over-black-face-but-group-says-he-was-just-wearing-eye-paint/).

“School officials” (LOL) called it “blackface” and banned the boy from attending any more school sports.

Sports fans all over the world paint their faces every color you can think of, to show support for their teams and get a second or two of air time on TV. A search for “fans wearing face paint” will provide hundreds of examples.

Gee… Do you think it’s possible that “school officials” were looking for some kind of Racial Incident to exercise their virtue signaling?

The school principal we had when I was in kindergarten was a saint, we all loved him. All the ones that came after him were slugs. The teachers weren’t so hot, either–but it was public school, you take what you can get.

Hey, one kid, he’s expendable–he’s the penny we spend to push our notion of Racial Justice.

But I can’t think of anything we can do without more than our so-called education system.

3 comments on “Looking for Some Excuse to Bi*ch

  1. I wonder what they would think of our Prime Minister Black Face – a guy who wore blackface more times than he could remember?

    Who am I kidding. He’s one of them, so he’d get a pass. A little kid, though, is an easy target for bullies.

  2. The boy was copying the way football players use black markings on their face to block out sun reflections. Next it will be racist to say, “It’s black as night” or “It’s Black Friday.”

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