Christmas Ban: They Didn’t Mean It?

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Not that a snowman has anything to do with Christmas… but they thought they’d better ban it anyhow: not “inclusive” enough.

The Inclusion Mob is already trying to wipe out this year’s Christmas. “Officials” in the town of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on Nov. 9 “asked” (!) municipal employees to refrain from putting up any decorations that smacked of Christmas (

Six days and one social media backlash later, they dropped the ban–which had gone far enough to forbid employees from speaking of “snowmen” instead of “snow people.” The result was “widespread ridicule.”

Why did they do it? As usual, “some people complained.” Nothing happens if we complain about public libraries hosting Drag Queen Story Hour. But complaints about Christmas–well, hell, ban the colors red and green! Yes, that was also part of the plan.

Only “inclusive” decorations that exclude Christians’ Christmas were to be allowed.

We are surely governed by idiots who hate us.

Anyway, Liberty Counsel was all set to sue–so the municipal government rescinded its ban on Christmas. Employees will not be required to pretend they’re pagans. First Amendment and all that, y’know.

These things have been done to us because, living our everyday lives, we weren’t looking when those gonks who despise us set their schemes in motion. We were not as vigilant as we should have been.

Hopefully that’s changing.

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  1. That was real close to home, next door. My aunt lived there, I shopped there at times. How evil must be most of the officials. I had no idea. Snow people instead of snowmen, what???? Nuts, just plain nuts! Wait, not nuts, just evil, so very evil.

  2. Winter Break has such a superior sound to it, don’t you think? And why not make up a holiday to compete with Christmas and call it Kwanzaa. The world is too awful and humankind too evil to have a celebration of joy, peace, and good will to men.

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