Giuliani: Abolish the Democrat Party

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Yes, Rudi–if only!

Rudi, we understand, we share your frustration. We’re all getting sand kicked into our faces by the Democrat Party.

But how would you “abolish” it?

I mean, wouldn’t that be like trying to abolish original sin? Like, this is the party whose defense of slavery brought on the Civil War. This is the party of insane spending, high taxes, abortion, transgender, playing footsie with Red China and the globalists–and at home, censorship, cancel culture, and loopy plans to make us all eat bugs.


If you closed down all its offices and wiped the Democrat Party off the ballot, the sins and idiocies it promotes would still be there. America-hating communist fimbos would still run the teachers’ unions, would still be bringing drag queens into libraries and children’s classrooms. The people who stand for this stuff would still be there. They’d form another party before you could say “Khrushchev” and it would be the same damned thing over a different label.

We have to work for smaller victories. This tower of evil can only be taken down as it was built, brick by brick.

But we could take our children out of public education. That would be a start.

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