‘Tomorrow’s Antifa Riot Schedule’ (2017)

PHOTO: Rose City Antifa members under pseudonyms "Milo" and "Ace."

How come they don’t riot at Biden?

How come there are no Antifa riots when a Democrat is posing as president?

You don’t really need anyone else to answer that for you.

Tomorrow’s Antifa Riot Schedule

It used to be The Homeless vanished from the nooze whenever Democrats were in the White House, to re-appear, magically, whenever a Republican was elected. They can’t do that anymore because there are just too many of ’em in every city governed by Democrats.

The Antifa brownshirts are the property of the Democrat Party. They’ll be back to rioting the moment we have Donald Trump back in office.

Third World Politics, Inc.–visit our branch office in Washington D.C.!

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  1. Actually, the antifa gangsters are blackshirts — literally — not brownsihrts. So they’re more related to Mussolini than to Hitler, which is a fine piece of irony, given that Mussolini was the originator of the fascism that the antifas are supposedly anti.

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