Comment Contest: Last Call

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Lately I’ve had twinges of nostalgia for my old office at The Bayshore Independent. Roasting hot in summer, ice-cold in winter; no windows; desk, ancient manual typewriter, walls festooned with clippings; old computer half the size of a refrigerator; huge volumes of back issues: a poor thing, perhaps, but my own.

How would you like to have a luxurious office, much nicer than that mess in the picture? Maybe nicer than mine–where Rip Torn once sat for an interview?

I want to wrap up our comment contest by Thanksgiving, so I can begin the annual Christmas Carol Contest. It won’t be easy: we still have some 300 comments to go.

Ordinarily the prize would be one of my books, autographed, or else a nice red T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.” But if I can swing it–only if I can swing it–you might win an editorial office of your own. Then all you’d need would be a weekly newspaper you can edit.

All comments are eligible, with these few exceptions: nasty remarks about other readers, ads thinly disguised as comments, or just plain babble. Other than that, anything goes.

Can we get those 300 comments? The lucky reader who posts No. 300 will be the winner.

One can only wait and see.

8 comments on “Comment Contest: Last Call

  1. Somehow the old offices that I once worked in had more humanity and camaraderie than today’s workplaces. Or maybe it was the people who worked in them that had more humanity…. Oh well.

    I’m still fighting this cold or flu or whatever it is, so I won’t be commenting much for a while. I’m just too wrung out. And it seems that most of the women in my crafts circle at church are down with the same thing, not to mention what one of my friends at another church tells me about all the people who are down with the thing at her church. Thank the good Lord that no one is locking down the whole world again because cold-and-flu season has begun. (Or have I spoken too soon?)

  2. I have been down for a long time, and until we signed with a new provider yesterday, our computer (internet) was also down. We will see how it goes. I hope I can do a little better.

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