Elephant Artist–Is This for Real?

This is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen–a young elephant creating honest-to-Pete representational art. Not just splashing colors around: no–real, recognizable pictures. No hands, of course.

How can this be? I’ve watched this several times and it baffles me, but good. Feel free to offer an explanation!

5 comments on “Elephant Artist–Is This for Real?

  1. It seems that when we see the actual painting in progress, all we really see is the trunk, or most of the trunk, with an occasional ear flap on the side — never the whole animal. It’s also unclear how the paintbrush is being held — as though the handle is shoved up the trunk, which is not the way elephants use their trunks. And for an animal to learn to form words in the Roman (English) alphabet is too much to believe.

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