Can You Believe This ****?

Alejandro Mayorkas' Vision for the DHS, Immigration Reform | Time

What circus did this clown quit to join the government?

(I wasn’t going to write any nooze today, but this just has to be mentioned.)

The Biden gang’s border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, has instructed border patrol agents to address border-jumpers by their “preferred pronouns” (

What else do you need to know about the crowd of clowns currently operating what we laughingly refer to as our government? What’s next? Make sure you use woke pronouns when you arrest an armed robber?

Let me outta here.

Has God Hardened Their Hearts?

The Dark, Magical and Mysterious Power of Poison | WNYC News | WNYC

You’d swear it was brewed up by witches

I was bowled over yesterday by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams suggesting that the way to beat inflation is by… having more abortions! I couldn’t believe any politician would ever say such a thing.

More abortions! Erase our country’s border! Spend like there’s no tomorrow, like money was confetti! Let all the criminals out of jail! Urge and pressure young children to have a sex-change! And don’t forget the Drag Queen Story Hour! And Critical Race Theory!

They aren’t even pretending to be sane anymore. And I wonder–

Has God hardened their hearts, as He hardened Pharaoh’s heart, to move them to an open display of what fools, what crooks, what degenerates they are? Really–what kind of doofus is in favor of any of this stuff? This is mental illness as a public policy agenda.

Are we finally seeing it? How blind do you have to be, not to?

I guess we soon will know.

A *Very* Alternative Lifestyle

New 12” figures of 'Hannibal Lecter' are as terrifying as the ...

This nooze story is almost impossible to believe. But as Claudius said of Caligula’s shenanigans, “Believe it. Believe it…”

German prison authorities have decided to provide pleasant little day trips for a man serving a life sentence for killing another man and eating him (

The pervert said he’d “spent 40 years longing for it.” He advertised in Craig’s List to find some other wacko who would consent to be murdered, cooked, and eaten; and the world being what it is today, soon found one. If you want the vile details, you’ll have to click the link. We are talking really serious vileness here. But to some it will never be anything more than just another “lifestyle”.

So now they’re taking him on day trips. He’s kinda famous in dear old Deutschland, so they have to take him out in disguise.

What? Wasn’t he having a nice enough time in prison? Maybe they could take him to the park and give him a ride on the merry-go-round. And buy him a popsicle. Do they read him bedtime stories at night? Maybe he and his guards have a lot of laughs together.

As it was in the days of Noah, before the Flood…