Can You Believe This ****?

Alejandro Mayorkas' Vision for the DHS, Immigration Reform | Time

What circus did this clown quit to join the government?

(I wasn’t going to write any nooze today, but this just has to be mentioned.)

The Biden gang’s border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, has instructed border patrol agents to address border-jumpers by their “preferred pronouns” (

What else do you need to know about the crowd of clowns currently operating what we laughingly refer to as our government? What’s next? Make sure you use woke pronouns when you arrest an armed robber?

Let me outta here.

Kamala’s Pronouns

Honk if you care what this dindle’s pronouns are.

It’s bad enough they lie to us, bully us, rob us, debauch our elections, destroy our national borders, subvert our republic, ravage our culture, attack our standard of living, and gut our economy.

But do they have to tear down our dignity? Do they have to insult us? I mean, is this how our (ahem!) “leaders” are going to talk to us from now on?

Notice she quickly glances down at her suit to make sure it really is blue. “I am a woman in a blue suit.” (Check! Yeah, okay, I am.) “My preferred pronouns are her and she.”

Really, what have we done to deserve this? And if SloJo folds, and tries to shake hands with one too many imaginary people… this talking vegetable will be our president.

How far down do you have to prune the Democrat Party before you find somebody who’s not a wacko or a crook?


College Forced to Pay Prof $400G to Settle Lawsuit

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He feels pretty, oh so pretty…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Another collegiate experiment in compelled speech has come up snake-eyes.

When a philosophy professor at Shawnee State (Ohio) refused to address a male student using female pronouns–for the simple reason that the jerk isn’t a female, and it went against the prof’s religious convictions to pretend that a man is a woman–the looniversity issued him a “written warning” that promised dire consequences if he didn’t get his mind right in a hurry (

The prof took them to court, resulting in an agreement by the school to pay him $400,000 in damages.

Have they learned their lesson? Do they now understand that this is America, not the old Soviet Union?

Don’t bet on it. Respecting rights of conscience isn’t in their DNA. And college makes you both dishonest and stupid.

More Stupidworld! On Our Border

Border patrol agents try and drag a fugitive border jumper as he tries to  get back to Mexico in this colorized picture from 1920 [640x442] :  r/HistoryPorn

They’re too busy defending Ukraine’s borders to bother with ours.

Hey! Did you know last Thursday was “International Trans Day of Visibility”? Damn–I missed it!

But the Biden administration didn’t miss it. They celebrated it by ordering Customs and Border Patrol officers to use “preferred pronouns” and “gender-neutral language” in dealing with border jumpers ( They also decided that “non-binary” American citizens–and humans who identify as  centaurs, gotta be “inclusive”!–can now put an “X” on their passports instead of Male or Female.

“While we briefly question you for breaking our law and illegally crossing our border, putting our very republic at risk and making a mockery of our national sovereignty, before we let you go to commit crimes and get free stuff from our defenseless taxpayers… what pronouns do you want us to use? Xe? Zer? Xum? Whatever you want, we’re going along with it!”

The Western world’s ruling class has gone completely bonkers. They are an existential threat to the countries that they govern. They push “transgender” as if their lives depended on it.


Actually, we know why: so they can collapse their respective countries, throw of their hands, and tell us “The only solution is a global government! Nation-states just don’t work anymore!”

That’s why.

Good News: Court Nixes California Pronoun Law

Spanish judge orders 25-yr old man to 'leave home and get a job'

Holy moly! The Transgender Machine actually lost a court case! And in California, no less.

The 3rd District Appeals Court struck down a provision of a 2017 state law that would have required nursing home employees to use “preferred pronouns” ( I don’t know how many 90-year-old trannies are to be found in California’s nursing homes, all clamoring to be called something they’re not; but this time they lost a unanimous court decision.

The court ruled, 3-0, that forcing anyone to use a “preferred pronoun”–calling a man “she” or a woman “he”–forcing people to say things that they believe to be untrue–is a “content-based restriction on speech” and violates the First Amendment.

Violates it? More like lacerates it. Imagine living in a state where they can make you say things that you not only don’t believe, but which thoroughly affront your sense of truth.

The Far Left state senator who drafted the law whined about “deliberately misgendering a transgender person” is nothing less than “harassment,” blah-blah. Like forcing people to say things they know to be wicked and wrong… isn’t?

And like there’s really any such thing as “misgendering.”

Freshman Dis-Orientation

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They call it “education.”

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Peggy Nance of Concerned Women for America accompanied her son to freshman orientation at Virginia Tech… and was appalled by “extreme and overtly leftist propaganda” (

Looniversity authorities separated children and parents so no one would complain about “speaker after speaker” subjecting new students to Far Left crazy horse****. And of course they made a big thing out of “preferred pronouns,” going so far as to include it on each student’s ID badge.

“Parents,” said the nimrods who run the place, “don’t be shocked if your kid comes home changed.” Ya think? If they’re not turned into leftist babblers, it won’t be because the so-called school didn’t try.

Ms. Nance urges parents to contact their state legislators and demand that they prohibit unconstitutional speech codes at their children’s colleges–and, while they’re at it, also contact alumni associations and the looniversity president.

These looniversities are all funded by public money, and they are not the public’s friends.

Defund public colleges and universities now… while we still have an America worth saving.