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‘A Truly Ridiculous Computer Problem’ (2014)

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As if getting struck by lightning weren’t bad enough, once upon a time my computer had a time-travel scare.

The thing about Artificial Intelligence is, it’s not intelligence at all; it’s just a mindless simulation of intelligence. So unless the human programmer equips the machine with the knowledge that there’s no such thing as time-travel–you’d have to do it that way, because you can’t equip it with common sense–it will react to the appearance of time-travel as if it were real.

Which is just what this computer did, five years ago.

Byron: Instant Lost & Found

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here.

Lee was feeling a little low today, so I talked him into taking a break to go to the Y.

After a nice hot shower that he doesn’t have to clean up after, he came out to find some chap wandering around the locker room in a bit of a daze. “My clothes, my clothes! Someone has taken my clothes!” Well, he still had his bathing suit, but humans do get edgy when their clothes disappear. They wouldn’t, if they had proper fur. Besides, it was a little cold to be walking home in just a bathing suit.

Lee asked, “Have you looked in all the lockers? Here, let’s look some more.” He opened one locker, empty, another, empty, and then a third. “Here’s some clothes. Are they yours?”

They were. “Oh, I’m so happy! I haven’t been this happy in a long time!” Humans are so emotional, don’t you know.

“See, I told you to go to the Y, and look what happened–your good deed for the day,” I said. “Now maybe you can write something that people will want to read today. I don’t know what you were thinking, writing about that Frothee stuff. You worry me sometimes, mate.”

Looking Forward to Supper

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I can’t seem to wrap my brain around anything today. I turn to nooze sites and there’s nothing but more sham “impeachment” stories; and if I don’t want to write about those, there’s the endless parade of inanities trotted out as “education.” I’m tired of writing about that, too.

Patty is going to make us pork soup for supper, with noodles, onion, carrots, and celery. I find that rather more appealing than the nooze.

Food is a gift from God, to be received and enjoyed with thankfulness. He really does provide for us, you know: we wouldn’t last a day without Him.

I pray I’ll be more up to snuff tomorrow. A good supper is surely a step in the right direction.

A Lesson from the Laundry

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The high spot of our day so far is a visit to the laundromat.

Yesterday I brought in one of Patty’s coats to be cleaned, and we picked it up this morning. The cheerful little woman who runs the place held up the coat with a big smile and said, “Look how nice it came out!” It looked like it had just come off the rack. “My wife is going to be very pleased when she sees it,” I said. “Yes, please make sure you show it to her,” she answered.

It’s always a pleasure to deal with someone who takes pride in her work and wants to do a good job for her customers. And it should be appreciated. Any one of us can make the world a better place just by showing our appreciation to all the different people who serve us in so many different ways. We’ve become very fond of our supermarket checkout clerks, the folks at our local Chinese restaurant, and the local merchants with whom we regularly do business–and now our laundress, too. These people deserve to be appreciated. And we’d be hard put to do without them.

Loving your neighbor doesn’t have to be a Broadway production number. And we all have it in our power to do it–in those little ways that have a way of adding up into something very good.

Unwelcome Excitement–Credit Card Theft

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We got our new Wal-Mart card in the mail today. Oops, wait a minute–we didn’t. The envelope was cut open and there was no card inside. Someone stole it.

This landed Patty with 40 minutes on the phone to get the new card canceled before the thief could use it. Why it took so long, we can’t imagine.

Thankfully for us, the thief made a stupid mistake which allowed us to remedy the situation before it really burned us. I’m not going to tell you what the error was, lest some dumb crook out there should read this and correct his error. Professor Moriarty would never have botched a crime like that. But then the jails are full of stupid criminals who didn’t think things through.

Crisis over, time to calm down.

Peep’s All Right (Mostly)


Thank you all for your prayers on behalf of our cat, Peep.

The vet called with the blood work results today, and Peep is basically all right, except her kidney numbers are moving into the high end of “normal,” necessitating an ounce of prevention. We’re going to try Vitamin D, recommended by the doctor. This shouldn’t be too hard to manage.

We still suspect that our cats’ food might be a trifle too salty, but haven’t decided what to do about it. Something in the formula might have changed, maybe accidentally. But at least there’s nothing wrong with either Peep or Robbie.

Thanks again for your prayers.

What? **Ten** Views?

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Holy moly, where is everybody? Did the world end while I slept? AOC & Co. turned out to be right? Oh, no! Was it SUVs, toilet paper, or air conditioning that finally did us in?

Oy, Rodney… it was you, wasn’t it? You hid a cuss bag somewhere!

Well, let’s see what happens if I put up a few posts.

Happy Birthday!

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Today is Patty’s birthday, and I want to thank all of you who have prayed for us. The Lord has heard those prayers, and she’s a lot better off than she was a couple months ago.

I would kind of like to make birthday announcements a regular feature of this blog; but of course I can’t do that unless readers tell me when their birthdays are. We do have a fellowship here, and I think birthday announcements would be a nice thing we could do.

You don’t have to tell me how old you are.

The more I think about this, the more I’d like to do it. What do you think?

P.S.–I’m thinking Byron the Quokka could make the announcements. He needs something to do between contests.

Is Learning about World War II Too Intense for British Kids in School?

“We don’t need no stinkin’ history!”

I don’t know exactly what an “influencer” is supposed to be. Does it have something to do with influenza? Whatever: Britain’s got one, he’s all of 22 years old, he’s on TV a lot–and he says Word War II studies are “too intense for young students” (

He thinks that “instead of focusing so much on our history and holding on to the past,” we should just, like, let it go, and teach “more relevant” subjects like Brexit and Climbit Change, blah-blah-blah.

Oh–you mean, those Climbit Change lessons in which they teach kids the world is gonna end in just 12 years and we’re all gonna die, die, die unless the governments will all get together and DO SOMETHING, etc.? Or those Brexit lessons that teach ’em that anyone in favor of Brexit must be a Nazi? Like anyone even knows what a Nazi was, anymore.

Remarked one commenter, “They sit there playing war games on their PlayStations and X-boxes and then tell us they get traumatized by history lessons?” To say nothing of playing “Zombi Apocalypse” around the clock.

But yeah, gotta keep history out of the schools–if only because it takes time away from teaching kids to be gender-fluid–which is like lighter fluid, only it has no practical use. It doesn’t even have a silly use. That’s how it fits so perfectly into what we have come to call “public education.”

Forget World War II! It never happened! Now, boys ‘n’ girls–how many different genders can you name in sixty seconds?

Here We Are at the Vet’s


I’m writing this on Tuesday, to be posted on Wednesday, because I won’t be here on Wednesday. As you read this, Peep and I are sitting in the veterinarian’s waiting room, she meowing piteously from the depths of the cat carrier, waiting for her to get examined.

The vet called over the weekend with news of Robbie’s blood work–a clean bill of health. So I’m hopeful Peep will be all right, too. Both cats are drinking a lot of water and peeing to beat the band. I was very worried about that; but Robbie’s doing it too, and she’s okay.

Please pray we get no bad news.

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