And We’ve Got 85,000 Comments!

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We have reached our milestone of 85,000 comments! And the winner is… let’s have a big hand for our friend Ina, in Scotland.  This isn’t the first comment contest she’s won, but we allow multiple wins around here.

We have expanded the choice of prizes to include 1) an autographed copy of any published book of mine (except for Bell Mountain–I’ve run out of those), 2) a copy of the next book to be published, Behold! (whenever that happens), 3) an autographed cover on my 1990 horror novel, Mind Stealer (no one else on your block will have one), 4) this cool T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost,” 5) a bag of nice green plastic army men (not kidding).

Ina, let us know which prize you want to claim.

And Byron, old Quokka, start laying the groundwork for the next contest!