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By Request, ‘A Moment in Time’

We’re praying for you to feel better, Erlene; meanwhile, here’s the hymn you requested–A Moment in Time, by Carroll Roberson.

For those of you who are new to this blog, we post hymn requests and prayer requests. All you gotta do is ask.

By Request, ‘A Moment in Time’

Erlene requested this one, A Moment of Time, by Carroll Roberson. And if anybody out there wants any more hymns today, well, here we are.

I need to break away from the nooze for a few moments. I think I need to pray.

By Request, ‘A Moment in Time’

I can’t see very well just now, but I love to carry out hymn requests and I’ve got one from Erlene, so here goes–A Moment of Time, by Carroll Roberson.

Meanwhile, we have snow in our forecast and they’re closing schools all over New Jersey even though it hasn’t snowed yet and I’ll be flabbergasted if it does.

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