‘Unknowable’ Nails It!

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My readers are the best!

Quote from “Unknowable,” just this morning: “The ‘public square’ is now privately owned.”

Bullseye! Simple, succinct, and right on target. That is precisely what’s wrong with our public square–private companies, that is, Big Tech, have taken it over. And those companies always have a shell-like ear open to the whispers of the deep state. That’s why Donald Trump is not our president anymore.

The Constitution forbids the government to abridge free speech. They very badly want to abridge free speech–and hey, no problem! Big Tech and Corporate America, they’ll do it for us! They’d better, if they know what’s good for them. And so they become the sock puppets and henchmen of Big Brother–the kind of government our country’s founders tried to save us from.

Only too many of us don’t want to be saved from authoritarian rule, do we?

They’d go crawling back to King George III if he were still alive.