‘All Glory, Laud, and Honor’

Time to start trying to clean up the mess; and I think the best way to start that would be with a hymn–

All Glory, Laud, and Honor, filmed during the Palm Sunday service (2016) at First Plymouth Church in Lincoln, Nebraska–complete with cymbals and trumpets.

By Request, ‘All Glory, Laud, and Honor’

(Okay, we’ve got this computer working again–kind of, sort of–and let’s pray it’ll keep working.)

Finally I know the name of this hymn! Requested by Joshua, All Glory, Laud, and Honor, sung by the congregation at Grace Community Church. Does anybody know if this is John MacArthur’s church?

By Request, ‘All Glory, Laud and Honor’

Thanks to “thewhiterabbit” for suggesting this beautiful hymn. I find this simple treatment of it very moving, and I wish I knew who performed it, so I could give credit. Thank you, whoever you are!