‘Jandra’s Nasty Toothed Bird’ (2016)

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If you’ve read much of my Bell Mountain series, you’ll know that Jandra is the toddler prophetess through whom God spoke to make Ryons a king. And you’ll know that, wherever she goes, she has a hissing toothed bird that follows her around.

Many readers wished to see that bird. The enclosed video was about the closest thing I could find to it. (And look at this! Mr. Genius has just erased the video accidentally, as he was trying to post it. Well, let me see if I can get it back… Got it!)

Jandra’s Nasty Toothed Bird

Feel free to completely ignore the evolution fairy tale that comes with the video.

Jandra’s Nasty Toothed Bird

I have been asked to provide an image that will give readers some idea of that nasty, hissing toothed bird that follows Jandra wherever she goes. Jandra is the toddler prophetess in my Bell Mountain books–just a little girl who from time to time speaks words given to her by God. Words way too complicated for her to understand, or even remember.

The “flying dinosaur” in this video is a pretty close approximation to what Jandra’s toothed bird looks like. Please feel free to totally dismiss the Darwinian fairy tale that accompanies the video.

The dirty little secret is that birds appear in the fossil record simultaneously with the early dinosaurs, providing the dinos little or no opportunity to magically evolve into birds.

The critter that is in my mind when I write about Jandra’s bird is Archeopteryx, long considered “the first bird,” really because it was the first bird discovered living at the same time as dinosaurs. I couldn’t find a satisfactory Archeopteryx video, but this “Microraptor” thingummy will do.

This hideous creature is devoted to Jandra. Well, birds are like that, aren’t they?