Sneak Preview! ‘The Wind from Heaven’ Cover


Kirk DouPonce has done it again. This is the gorgeous cover he’s come up with for The Wind from Heaven, Book No. 13 in my Bell Mountain series. A lack of skill at my end is why the picture is cut off from the top and bottom. So what you’re seeing here is, I guess, about three-quarters of the picture.

I don’t know when the book will be published: probably sometime this spring. If we still have a country by then, you’ll be able to order the book right here from this blog.

For many centuries the ocean has separated Obann from the rest of the world. What lies beyond it? Are there people on the other side–if there even is another shore? But if not, then were have those strange ships come from, and what does their coming mean?

Are there giants in Lintum Forest?

Yes, it’s the Bell Mountain story continued, with all your favorite characters and some new ones.

If you’re new to this blog and new to Bell Mountain–well, it wouldn’t be right for me to create a commercial for my own books. I’ve done it before, but I’m trying not to. Suffice it to say you can read all about all the books in the series just by clicking “Books.”



A Commercial Break

See the source image

See Jack climb the perilously steep wall of the palace in Obann. It would be nice if he found some readers waiting for him at the top.

The Palace (Bell Mountain #6… oops, did I just do a hashtag? What will happen next?) seems to be lagging way behind the other books in the series, I have no idea why, so I thought I’d better stump for it a little. It has cool stuff in it–including the hunting of the legendary White Doe in Lintum Forest. And I should point out that cover artist Kirk DouPonce used a real kid to model for Jack, although I don’t think he had him cling to the wall of a real skyscraper: against the child labor laws, you see. But I’m sure it must have been quite an experience for him.

Anyhow, please give The Palace a whirl. And if you buy it from amazon and really like it, well, it’s only got three customer reviews and could use some more.