A Touch of Bible… in a Cop Show

A Touch of Frost (TV Series 1992–2010) - IMDb

We’ve been watching A Touch of Frost, a popular British police drama available on line. You might ask, “What can you learn from a cop show?” Well, more than you might expect.

I have never seen another show that more conscientiously explores the effects of crime on innocent family members, neighborhoods, and others who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Law-breaking leaves destruction in its path–and that’s only man’s laws we’re talking about. What happens when we break God’s laws?

Nothing good.

Theft and con games destroy trust. Adultery destroys families. Murder destroys lives. And people who’ve done nothing wrong become collateral damage. You could weep for them. And for the police who have to try to pick up the pieces and prevent any further damage.

One immediately thinks of the crime waves sweeping our own country’s major cities nowadays, which seems to get worse by the day. What are these cities going to turn into, if it doesn’t stop?

Let’s pray we don’t find out.

Walking outside of God’s laws brought us to this crisis. It will not bring us out of it.

‘Jurassic World 2, Fallen Kingdom’

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - IMDb

Dinosaurs indoors–not recommended!

Just for the halibut yesterday, a soothing brain-soak, we watched Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom. I mean, c’mon–these special effects are the berries.

Ah! But that’s not what I noticed yesterday. Something I hadn’t quite picked up on in earlier viewings:

The sheer and boiling lawlessness of the whole depraved enterprise.

Yes, lawlessness. An absence of law. A famine for hearing the law. An absence of obedience. We don’t actually get dinosaurs, but this is the kind of world you get when there’s no law. You get vikings, bikers, the Wild West. Concentration camps. Science labs where they study how to make diseases much worse than they naturally are. Mad Max.

And can it be we’re building such a world, as we speak? Is this what Portland, Oregon, is all about? And San Francisco. And the killing fields of Chicago and New York. And you turn on the TV nooze and they’re lying to you.

First you break God’s law, then man’s. Local laws, state and federal laws, international law. Seems to be where this age is headed.

We pray, O Lord! Thy Kingdom come. Soon, please!