Emergency Cat & Dog Video

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Usually I wait till evening to post a critter video. Today, at the rate I’m going, this blog won’t make it to the evening.

But ain’t domestication grand? Sometimes it seems they forget all that cats and dogs business and just melt into one happy family.

But I speak as someone who used to have a cat, a dog, and an iguana cuddled up together on his bed.

Is It Love? (Cats & Dogs)

Enough thunder and lightning for one day! Here’s my critter video, a few hours early–couldn’t resist it.

Watch what the kitten has to do to get together with his friend, a puppy. And we have cats doing favor for dogs that maybe they shouldn’t do…

Bed War, Cat vs. Dog

“Gee, I wonder what this German shepherd’ll do if I walk on his face while he’s trying to relax. Let’s just see!”

If you can understand and explain what’s going on between these two, the line of Nobel Prize nominations starts over there…