‘Pink’ Forbids Pro-Lifers to Listen to Her Stupid Music

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She doesn’t have the sense God gave a potato.

“Pink” is one of those celebrities whose very existence is forgotten most of the time, but who periodically opens wide her mouth to let some crap drop out.

“Pink” is enraged that the U.S. Supreme Court took down Roe v. Wade and kicked the abortion question back to the states. She blames this on wicked stupid people who don’t like abortion, to whom she says, “Never f______ listen to my music again!” (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/politics-news/pink-overturning-roe-wade-never-listen-1235172030/)

Hello! Like, who was listening to your music? You don’t think we can face life without it?

This gwonk was last in the nooze in 2017, when she bragged about raising her children in a “gender neutral” household and how proud she was that her little daughter said she wanted to marry an African woman when she grew up.

That total lack of guidance is bound to pay dividends later on in life, don’t you think?

So when did the freak show escape from the tent?