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Korowna Vyras it Is In yore Compuyuter!!!

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I heered a lexture This “moarning” it blowed My Mined!!! The lexturer “he” “sayed” Never Mined “abuot geting Sick fromb Korowna Vyras that “is” ownly A smale Promble!!! Insted yiu shood auhght to Whorry abuot whatt hapens wen yiu Gets that Vyras “in” Yore Compuyuter”!!!!!!

He toled Us this hear Korowna thing It Is al “a” Plott by crischins in somb Contry caled Bacteria or somthing,, i cant Re-memmber whitch one!!! It is al a Plott to stop Socile Jutstus and Incomb Eekuallaty!!!! This hear It Is “nuthing” Less thann Wite Sooprembacy!!!!! and it “is” aslo Racist!!!

Oncet this hear Vyras “it” gets Intwo Yore Compuyuter yiu “are” reely in Trubble!!! It maikes Yore Compuyuter “say” yiu Suport Trumpt evin wen “yiu” dont and aslo “it” Maikes Yiu Say yiu dont Suport a Bortion for no wimmins!!!And aslo “it” maikes yiu say yiu Dont “beleave” In Scyance!!!!!!!!!!

This eevel Plott it whas Dis-cupboard bye a Whissle Blower and ownly nhow “the” Trooth it combs Out!!! He aslo Dis-cupboard that “No Boddy” but Racist biggits Suport Trump,, in Reallaty thare Isnt “hardlie” Any Boddy “that” voated foar himb!!!!!!! it whas mayby jist savral Hunderd peeple, Tops!!!! So that last Elecksion it was al a Lie and Hillery she “is” the reel Pressadint!!!! It was al a Big Fatt Lie that the Korowna Vyras put in trillyins of Compuyuters al Over “the” Whirld!!it Is The Wurst Compuyuter Vyras Evver!!!!!!!!!!

So wee whil has To get Pressadint Obamma back to putt A “stop” To It!!! and maik The Whirl Safe Fore Combunissm!!!

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