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Lib Wants the Virus to Kill You

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Did you know there’s “a silver lining” to the coronavirus? Well, there is! A noozie says so. And he ought to know because he’s a double noozie, simultaneously working for the UK Times and Sky News.

What is that silver lining? Simply this, explains (ahem) journalist Ed Conway: Coronavirus mostly kills the elderly, and most Climbit Change skeptics are old, so us old folks dying out in droves would be, as he put it, “the ultimate weapon against climate change” (https://www.climatedepot.com/2020/03/07/journalist-ed-conway-of-uk-times-sky-news-cheers-coronavirus-for-killing-old-climate-skeptics-calls-virus-ultimate-weapon-against-climate-change/).

I guess the men in the white coats don’t work here anymore.

Other libs are rooting for the virus to kill off lots of people so they can blame it on President Donald Trump and get some left-wing psycho into the White House.

At this point in history, old people dying off would be a calamity. The world would be left in the hands of idiots. I apologize to young people who are not idiots: but you know who I mean. And anyway the idiots would have you shot.

Hey! Remember when Christians and conservatives were accused of rejoicing over AIDS? Remember how conclusively that shut down any criticism whatsoever of any behaviors that heightened the risk of getting AIDS?

Now liberals and state-worshipers are loudly cheering on the coronavirus, and it seems they’ve got a free pass to do that. They’re also rooting for the stock market to tank so they can blame that on Trump, too. If they had the ability to make it tank on purpose, they would do it.

These are not nice people.



More Democrat Depravity

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(*sigh* Really, I’d rather post hymn requests than stuff like this… but I haven’t gotten any today.)

A Denver City councilwoman–Democrat, of course–is on the hot seat for tweeting “solidarity” with some idiot who said, “If I do get coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can” (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/denver-democrat-faces-backlash-after-tweeting-solidarity-for-spreading-coronavirus-at-trump-rallies).

Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca is a nobody, the original author of the quote is a nobody–but we have to know what kind of depraved people we’re up against. So I report this junk, because I would not have it said that I failed to counsel people not to sit out this year’s election, not to throw their votes away on quixotic third-party candidates who don’t have any chance of winning. Anything but a Republican vote is helping the Democrats. Not something I’d want to have on my conscience.

See, what they’re saying is, they’d kind of like to kill you, if they could, rather than see you vote for President Donald Trump. I don’t care that it’s only this doofus in Denver. So far, no Democrat has denounced her. No Democrat has denounced what she has said. If there is a Democrat who disagrees with her sentiment, we have not heard from him or her. The cryptozoological search for “moderate Democrats” continues. Someone saw one last week, swimming with the Loch Ness monster.

Do not let these people take power in our country ever again.

Korowna Vyras it Is In yore Compuyuter!!!

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I heered a lexture This “moarning” it blowed My Mined!!! The lexturer “he” “sayed” Never Mined “abuot geting Sick fromb Korowna Vyras that “is” ownly A smale Promble!!! Insted yiu shood auhght to Whorry abuot whatt hapens wen yiu Gets that Vyras “in” Yore Compuyuter”!!!!!!

He toled Us this hear Korowna thing It Is al “a” Plott by crischins in somb Contry caled Bacteria or somthing,, i cant Re-memmber whitch one!!! It is al a Plott to stop Socile Jutstus and Incomb Eekuallaty!!!! This hear It Is “nuthing” Less thann Wite Sooprembacy!!!!! and it “is” aslo Racist!!!

Oncet this hear Vyras “it” gets Intwo Yore Compuyuter yiu “are” reely in Trubble!!! It maikes Yore Compuyuter “say” yiu Suport Trumpt evin wen “yiu” dont and aslo “it” Maikes Yiu Say yiu dont Suport a Bortion for no wimmins!!!And aslo “it” maikes yiu say yiu Dont “beleave” In Scyance!!!!!!!!!!

This eevel Plott it whas Dis-cupboard bye a Whissle Blower and ownly nhow “the” Trooth it combs Out!!! He aslo Dis-cupboard that “No Boddy” but Racist biggits Suport Trump,, in Reallaty thare Isnt “hardlie” Any Boddy “that” voated foar himb!!!!!!! it whas mayby jist savral Hunderd peeple, Tops!!!! So that last Elecksion it was al a Lie and Hillery she “is” the reel Pressadint!!!! It was al a Big Fatt Lie that the Korowna Vyras put in trillyins of Compuyuters al Over “the” Whirld!!it Is The Wurst Compuyuter Vyras Evver!!!!!!!!!!

So wee whil has To get Pressadint Obamma back to putt A “stop” To It!!! and maik The Whirl Safe Fore Combunissm!!!

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