Hillary: GOP Stole 2024 Election!

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Smartest woman in the world. Just ask Dracula.

Hillary Clinton has demanded a Congressional investigation of the 2024 presidential election.

“The Republicans have stolen it!” she asserted. “They stole it from me in 2016, when it was My turn! And they stole it again in 2024!

“Well, I’m gonna have my turn! The only remedy is to overturn the 2024 election now, I mean right now, declare this year to be 2024, and install me in the White House as president. Nobody cares what year it really is, anyway! And isn’t there, like, some prophecy of me being declared president because it’s My turn? I’m sure there is!”

(The only one I can think of is This is the POTUS/ who fatally smote us. But I thought that was Biden.)

Asked, “What about the rest of President Biden’s term?”, Mrs. Clinton replied, “He can come back in after I’ve had My turn. We’ll just change the years around some more.”