A Harmless, Pleasant Song

I’m feeling better now, and this old song came into my head–one of my favorites, back when, and still a favorite now: Epistle to Derroll, by Donovan. Evoking happy times…

Does anybody still write songs like this? Innocent, pleasant, harmless, soothing… I hope you like it.

A Song for Robbie (Our Cat)

I had to take Robbie to the vet today for checkup, blood work, etc. She hates to be in the cat carrier and yowls and cries all the way there. So I tried singing to her, and this was the song I sung: Donovan’s Epistle to Derrol, from 1967.

How about that? It worked!

I’m tired out just now, and have decided to go back to bed for a nap. But it’s pleasant for me to revisit this song… and I hope it’s pleasant for you. Nobody I know of is writing songs like this one anymore.

A Peek into Another World

What kind of music was I listening to, when I was in college?

Well, a lot of stuff like this: Isle of Islay, by Donovan.

Don’t get me wrong. This song is at least 500 times better than anything we’re cranking out today, and I still like it after all these years. Really, it’s pretty fair poetry.

But the trappings! Oh, the Flower Power! Such a vast amount of twaddle never could sustain itself, and it sank into a swamp of Far Left Crazy. Oh, the price we had to pay for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi! Run screaming back to the Fifties.

The simple beauty of the song endures. It had nothing to do with the imagery that surrounded it at the time. All that poop has passed away. Oh, to think I was contemporaneous with Hippiedom! I must be careful to seek out all pictures of myself taken back then, and burn them. And everything I wrote–burn that, too.

So where were you in ’66?

All those of you who weren’t born yet are excused.