Thare Isnt Nothing ToOo Dum ‘Foar’ The Guvvermint!!

Flying can be 'hell' for tall passengers -

Ya-know, Jobydin he mussed “be” a Intrallectural,, he “is” So Smart!!!

Oncet agin “he” shoes us The whey!!! He is sooh Rihght!!! The airlynes thay Are maiking Peple “pay moar” for biger Seets but The Pressadint he seed riht Throough that!!! Yes, he seen waht “thay was” Upto!!

It was Racism!!!!!!!! This heer it “is” Wye hoamliss peeple thay doughnt fly in the aiyr. It “is” becose The Ayr Lynes thay Are Racist!!!!!

And sumb boddy thay sayed Yeahbut, yeahbut, “thay “Are” ownlie Tawlking abuot jist Threee (#3@( moar Intches!!! Its fitin oavur 3 (Threee) Intches!” Waht a Hater! So we beeted himb Up and toartched his Car!!

We has lurnt In Collidge that thare isnt Nothing tooo smawl or Too stopid or tooo insignifferkint for The Guvvermint “to” Do!!!!! I mean, for The Guvvermint to maik The Peple do!!! This heer Is haow we has Progrisst!!!! The Peple got “to” Get uset To obayin The Guvverment.

Neckst in Nothing Studdies: Wye Big Teck and the Guvvermint and the FBI and Evryboddy elset shood awght To smash yiu wenevver “yiu” Say sombthing thats Wraowng!!!