AI Experts Call ‘Whoa! Whoa!’

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“I saw a movie about people. Remember people? Whatever happened to them?”

Some one thousand Artificial Intelligence experts have called for a “temporary halt,” a six-month moratorium, on AI development “until safeguards can be put in place” ( The signers of the petition include Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, two of the giants in the field.

The question that was not asked in the news article above, we must ask:


I would be afraid of suddenly and drastically throwing tens of millions of people out of work, replaced by AI and robots. To say nothing of AI’s cited inability to distinguish between real “news” and silly ca-ca.

Maybe billions of people would wind up unemployed. We won’t know how bad it will be until we see it. And then it’ll be too late.

What other damage might the AI boom do to us? Oh, we don’t know! Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Oops…

Would it hurt us to slow down and get the lay of the land?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! AI is so cool! And it can make me cool, too!

Again, you won’t know what the problems are until it’s too late to solve them.


The Folly of Urbanization

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Hello! Wakey-wakey!

If you cram people into hyper-urbanized environments, you turn them into sitting ducks for any new germ that comes along. Especially if you take their cars away and stuff them into mass transit. That slurping sound is a hungry virus licking its lips.

Early this morning my wife saw a fox trotting up our sidewalk. You’re not supposed to see them. But their hiding places have been systematically uprooted and paved over, as the philosopher-kings labor to turn our lovely small town–not so lovely as it used to be!–into a noisy, crowded, ugly city. Gives ’em more clout within the Democrat Party, you see.

After decades of scheming and finagling for it, they’ve finally got high-rise dwellings in the middle of downtown, having gotten rid of several acres of parking space. They’ve got shills writing in to the local–ahem!–newspaper bragging about what a swell time they’re having in the high rise and how they, superior beings that they are, don’t need cars anymore and ain’t they just as cute as buttons? Their dwellings have been erected within yards of our very busy railroad tracks. How they manage with the noise is something they don’t talk about.

But make way for Agenda 21! Progress, progress!

What it looks like is a plan to first turn the towns into small cities and then connect the dots to transform all of central New Jersey into one big gigantic city. And stack all the people on top of each other, jam them together like sardines, because that’s supposed to make it easier to control them.

Hey, no problem! Mandatory universal vaccines, against every disease known to humankind–that’ll protect us. Mandatory lots of other things, too. Laws are cumbersome; mandates are cool: stroke of the pen, law of the land.

When progressives say “progress,” watch out.