‘”Hate-America High” Rescinds Flag Ban’ (2016)

Flag of USA and United States of America is crossed out ...

I post this every now and then as a reminder that America’s public education-mongers hate America and want to bring her down. That means they want to bring you down.

‘Hate-America High’ Rescinds Flag Ban

And here’s another point that needs to be made. Don’t think that if you live in a Red state, that your schools are Red state schools: there ARE no Red state public schools. The flag-banning high school principal in 2017 hung out his shingle in South Carolina: you don’t have to go to New Jersey or Oregon to find the schools in the hands of Far Left (very Far Left!) teachers’ unions.

In 2017 the principal backed down because the public strongly objected to his caper.

In 2022 if you’ve got a problem with a school board policy, they sic the FBI on you.