France: Live or Die

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The future of France is on the line. This Sunday’s French presidential election will decide whether France will be France… or not.

Globalists are getting nervous because Marine Le Pen is rising in the polls ( She has come up with a campaign slogan that’ll be hard to beat: Choose France.

Her opponent, Emmanuel Macron, a globalist who has said he doesn’t believe there’s any such thing as a distinctive French culture, has taken a nasty knock in the polls and is said to be running out of gas.

Ms. Le Pen has pledged to pull France out of the European Union, deport illegal aliens, and defend her country against Muslim cultural assault. As for her opponent, she has summed him up: “The country Mr. Macron wants is no longer France; it’s a space, a wasteland, a trading room where there are only consumers and producers.”

Sounds like a lot of people we know in every country! Our own included.

Marine Le Pen is more than just a candidate for president of France.

She is a candidate for the real hope and change that all our countries need, instead of the poisonous pap that’s been forced down our throats by “leaders” who despise us.

Our ultimate hope for ultimate change is, and must only be, in Jesus Christ Our Lord, the King of Kings. We know that no one we can elect to any position can rescue us from our sins. And the world is the way it is because of no other reason but our sin.

Nevertheless, we do have a duty to defeat, whenever we’re given the freedom to try, those persons whose plans for us are intrinsically and overtly wicked.

And it is no sin to love the countries that God gave us.

Vive Marine Le Pen!

Vive la France!

Mad EU Threatens to Prosecute Le Pen–for Telling the Truth

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Hey, I know post-modern libs and other such forms of life don’t attach much value to the truth–but this is getting ridiculous. And dangerous.

The European Parliament has voted to lift Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity, and if a second vote goes through, she could be hit with three years in prison and a 75,000-euro fine ( ). Ms. Le Pen is running for president of France–and currently ahead in the polls–as the sanity candidate who wants to save her country from destroying itself with crazy EU immigration policies.

She scares the dickens out of libs, and look for them to do anything, just about, to stop her.

Le Pen’s “crime”, committed two years ago, was “publishing violent images” of what ISIS was doing to its victims. The EU tinhorns are much more committed to suppressing awareness of Islamic violence than they are to suppressing the violence itself. So it’s a crime to let the public know about it.

Sometimes it takes a woman to do the job the men won’t do–saving France.

Look for President Le Pen to lead France out of the EU–toot sweet, as they say.