Angry Birds

Well, the cockatiel’s angry, at least. What’s going on here? The parakeet’s much smaller than the cockatiel but insists on annoying her anyway. Lots of vocalization, but who knows what it means? The human is busy serving as a referee.

‘Who’s the Fairest One of All?’

I thought this gizmo was a mirror at first. Parakeets, lizards, hamsters–I’ve learned to expect small animals to react–shall we say truculently?–to their images in a mirror. This thing is not a mirror, but it does show an image of a parakeet.

And the real parakeet doesn’t like it!

Parakeets Galore

I love these little birds, they’ve got so much personality. You can even get one to be friends with your cat, although I don’t think I’d care to trust a cat that far. Our cats never bothered our pet mice, but boy, did they ever want to eat our little fence lizards!

But of course the parakeet can always fly away from danger.

A Naughty Parakeet

You’ve got this little box in which you like to keep your change. Lots of it, nickels, dimes, quarters. You’ve also got a parakeet.

We have many videos of cats pushing things off shelves for no describable reason. Maybe this parakeet thinks he’s a cat. His idea is to toss the coins out of the box.

Easy come, easy go…

Little Birds with Big Personalities

I’ve always had a soft spot for parakeets. Maybe it’s the way they keep falling into glasses of water. Or trying to hitch rides on tennis balls. They give the impression of being willing to try just about anything once. And they play. I like that in an animal.