Meanwhile, Back in Australia…

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Well, as far as my book goes, I’m dead in the water until the IT guy can come and hopefully rescue my chapters.

Meanwhile, the nooze media in Australia show they’re as far out on the Left as our own noozies in America.

Next month they’re going to vote in Australia on whether to impose “gay marriage” on themselves–and guess which side the impartial journalists are on, big-time. The Yes Vote looked like it had clear sailing, but got carried away with the usual leftid name-calling, threats, and bullying, and put a lot of people off, enabling the No Vote to make up lost ground.

An ad produced by three “mums” opposed to the whole enterprise quite reasonably argued, “Our kids are not your social experiment”–referring, of course, to the radically pro-homosexual “sex education” that will be the rule in every school, once same-sex pseudomarriage comes in. This has happened here, in Britain, in Canada, and in several other countries.

But the noozies report it as “a bizarre new video” by the No Mums “stating their case against marriage equality” (–loaded language, and how! Well, this is what happens when leftids get to define the terms of the discussion. “Marriage equality”–that label stinks. And of course ordinary family life would seem “bizarre” to any leftid noozies, who can only think in terms of abortion, homosexuality, and “gender reassignment.” For them, that’s the normal stuff. To them, regular people are “bizarre.”

No Western country yet has been able to defeat the cultural Marxist “gay rights” Trojan horse. They’ve all permitted it to be wheeled through the gates.

Join Poland in prayer, everyone.

We need it.