Joe Collidge vs. Oy, Rodney! Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots [Amazon Exclusive] : Toys & Games

[Editor’s Note: I have just discovered that I have forgotten (so far) to post Joe Collidge today. It’s not my fault! White supremacists snuck in and made me think I’d already done it. Normal service will be resumed ASPA.]

Well! I amb mad “as” Can be! I jist fowned auot that this hear Vilet Corpuscle she sayed “bad things” abaout HILLERY “the” bessed And Smartist wimmyn “in the” Whorld!!!!!

Thats becose HILLERY! she has rote “a” Book!!!!! and she bin on TV awl “over” The Plaice!!! and That fule Vilet she “is” crayzy jellice!!!! She Is pittafull! HILLERY! she has rote abauot Terrarists whoo got nuculer boms witch “thay” whil Use “to” stopp chillren fromb Larning “abeout” Cryptical Race Theory and Trands-Ginder!!!!!!! butt of coarse thay whil “be” Foyled by reel Smart wimmyns in the Stait Depotmint!!!!

I nevver reed that stopid Vilet’s doapy book abute Oy Roddney, waht kinda naime “is” That???? “And” yiu know waht?? SHE CAINT EEVIN SPEL GOOOD! And her Grammer it “is” Reedickulus!!! And aslo it Trigures peple whoo Has Cold Soars!!!! So we got our Stoodint Soviet “to” Bann it!!!!!!!! How grate is that?!?

Ennyboddy who “dosnt” lyke HILLERY! thay “Are” a Terrarist!! Waytill Pressadint Jobydin fyndes Ouat abaout This!!! He whil Put “that” Corpuscule doap In Jale!!!!!

I Has red Hillery’s Book!

See the source image

I has jist finnished reeding Hillery’s book its caled Waht Hapened and its “al abote” how she “got” cheeted Out “of” being Pressadint by al them Rushins thay was workin For Donold Trumpt and aslo al them De-Plorrables thay are Haters and thay dint want no Wimmim Pressadint,

Wel i tel yiu that boook It is Dynomight! it is so grate i jist had have to writ her a Letter and “hear” it is!!

Deer Hillery i am a Interllectural hear at Collidge and al us intrallecturals we Wanted Yiu “to” be pressadint and we jist abote dyed wehn it turned Out yiu got cheeted out of It! yiu are a godess! and i red yore book and itis so Grate grate grate!!! Thare was a lot Of werds in it I didnt under Stand them al and i thinked you spelt a few of them Rong but at this poynt Wat dose it Matter?? anyway i amb riting To “tel” yiu Dont be Sad we stil wants Yiu to be Pressadint and we wil Not “stop” untill you Are pressadint and al them hatful peple thay stink who dint Vote “four” yiu thay al in Jale “whith” al the Climbit Chainge De-Nyers tooo!! i has Moth Antenners in Case yiu are intersted in that and aslo i has got Yore “pitchure” taped up in my Gender Studies prefessers toool shed that Is “ware” i sleeep at nite! i amb seure Yiu wil Feeel “beter” wen yiu know al Us Interllecturals we Are be-Hind you 100000 Persent!!! Yore frend Joe Collidge!!! PS do yiu like Hankerchifs i amb saving A “nice one” jist fore Yiu!!!

Now al I has to do is figre Out ware to “get” a Stamp so i can male it!!